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Cryogenic Ball Valve Trunnion Mounted Extend Stem for -196 °C Service

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Cryogenic Ball Valve Trunnion Mounted 6″ 600LBS, Extend stem for -196 ℃,split body 3 pcs bolted bonnet, reduced bore, gear operation.

Body Forged stainless steel A182 F316L, Ball A182 F316L, Seat ring A182 F316,

Seat Soft Seat RPTFE, Stem A182 XM-19, Gasket Graphite+316SS, Packing GRAPHITE

Bolt &nut A193 B8M/A194 8M

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Product Description

ARAN manufacture high performance cryogenic ball valves ranges of different international standards.The trunnion mounted ball valve( TM ball valve) is used for bigger size and higher pressure class,the valve is split body 2 or 3pcs, the material can be forged steel or cast steel,lever and gear operated or actuator type of electric, pneumatic, hydraulic and gas over oil.

● Production Range Cryogenic ball valves low temperature to -196 ℃

● Size NPS 1/2"~24" (50mm~600mm)

● Pressure ASME Class150~1500LBS (PN16~PN250)

● Design& MFG code BS6364/ SHELL SPE 770200

● Test & Inspection ISO 15848/SHELL SPE 77/312 Low temperature leakage test ,API 598, API 6D,ISO5208/ISO 5208/EN12266/GOST 9544

● Low Temperature Carbon Steel -40~0℃ (ASTM A350 LF2/LF3, ASTM A352 LCB/LCC)

● Austenitic Stainless steel -100~-40℃ (ASTM A182 F316/F316L/F304/F304L DUAL GRADE, ASTM A351 CF8M/CF3M,CF8/CF3)

● Austenitic Stainless steel -196~-100℃ (ASTM A182 F316/F316L/F304/F304L DUAL GRADE, ASTM A351 CF8M/CF3M,CF8/CF3)

● Packing and gasket material suitable for low temperature

● Double Block and Bleed Design (DBB)

● Metal Seated or Soft Seated

● Double piston effect downstream & upstream – DIB I

● Double piston effect downstream & single piston effect upstream – DIB II Seat sealing injection

● Sealing material choose PCTFE -200℃~130℃

● All metal parts in contact with low temperature medium need to be cryogenic treated with liquid nitrogen at -196 C degrees before finishing, and the treatment time is normally maintained for 2-3 hours.

● The cryogenic valves designed with extended stem and water drip pallet in stem.The drip pallet can prevent the water vapor in the air from liquefying and then water flows to the valve surface and freezing, causing valve damage.They are applied to ensure the sealing performance of packing box and normal operation of ball valves . It also reduces the heat transferred from the outside to the inside of the device.

● Extend stem calculation according to SHELL SPE77/200/BS6364. The extend stem which is related to the thermal conductivity of the material, the thermal conductivity area, the surface heat dissipation coefficient and the heat dissipation area. The extend stem allows enough space for insulation material and ensures the stem packing sound sealed above 0℃. Normally less lower than 50℃ will need extend stem.

● Body Relief Structure. The LGN gasification generates a high pressure in the valve body, it destroys the ball and valve seat components, so one-way valve is added at the inlet end of the ball to ensure the pressure balance between the cavity and the inlet pipeline and prevent the cavity from abnormally boosting pressure.

● cryogenic valves low fugitive emission test upon order request


ARAN manufacture high performance extends stem cryogenic ball valves with cryogenic treatment and test in house lab control. We specifically built the in house lab due to demanding cryogenic valve production needs.Extend stem for cryogenic service ball valves main application fields like Liquified Natual gas (LNG),Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG),Ethylnee plants,Low temperature gas pipelines etc.

ARAN Cryogenic ball valves designated for safety transportation for processing,storage,shipment and distribution of ethylene,Liquid Nitrogen, Oxygen, LPG, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and other low temperature liquefied gases.


ARAN Cryogenic ball valves designated in highest performance and produced in strictest quality, can meet the highest standard cryogenic service,and wildly applied for safety transportation for processing,storage,shipment and distribution of ethylene,Liquid Nitrogen, Oxygen, LPG, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and other low temperature liquefied gases.

As an efficient and storable clean energy, LNG has shown broad development prospects in all aspects of the industrial chain. Cryogenic ball valve is most demanding valve in the cryogenic liquid storage and transportation equipment system. It has the advantages of flexible switching, reliable sealing, safety and stability etc.

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Crygenic Treatment And Test

The valve parts for cryogenic service need do the cryogenic treatment to make sure the valve material performance will suitable for low temperature.

The cryogenic treatment is the process of putting valve parts to  low  temperatures by medium nitrogen -196 ℃ in order to remove residual stresses and improve wear resistance in steels.

ARAN cryogenic treatment for ball valve part and cryogenic test for finished valve .

crygenic test 1 (1)
crygenic test 1 (5)
crygenic treatment and test 1 (6)
Cryogenic DBB Ball Valve 3

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  • Production Range

    Cryogenic ball valves

    Size NPS  2″~24″ (50mm~600mm)
    Pressure ASME Class150~1500LBS (PN16~PN250)
    Production Standards API/ANSI/ASME/EN/DIN/BS/GB/GOST
    Design & MFG code BS6364/ SHELL SPE 770200 Low temperature valveAPI 6D/ASME B16.34 /ISO17292/ ISO 14313/BS5351
    Face to Face ASME B16.10,EN558
    End Connection FLANGE RF/RTJ ASME B16.5/EN1092-1/GOST 33259 ;BUTT WELD BW ASME B16.25
    Test & Inspection IS0 15848/SHELL SPE 77/312 Low temperature leakage testAPI 598, API 6D,ISO5208/ISO 5208/EN12266/GOST 9544
    Material code Low Temperature Carbon Steel -40℃ (ASTM A350 LF2/LF3, ASTM A352 LCB/LCC)Austenitic Stainless steel -196℃ (ASTM A182 F316/F316L/F304/F304L DUAL GRADE, ASTM A351 CF8M/CF3M,CF8/CF3)
    Operation Manual, Worm Gearbox, Pneumatic actuator, Electric actuator,Hydraulic-electric actuator
    Special design

    Cryogenic ball valves

    low temperature to -196  
    Extend bonnet for reliable packing and sealing,extend stem length acc. to temperature
    Extend stem with drip pallet design accoding to temperature
    API6 24 Low fugitive emission packing
    Live load API 622 graphite
    Body cavity pressure relief system
    Floating ball  type  one way sealing
    Trunnion ball type Double bleed and block,bidirectional sealing
    Basic design

    Ball valves

    Stem feature Anti blow out proof
    Bonnet Construction Bolted bonnet
    Ball type Side entry or top entry or double block & bleed balls
    Bore type Full bore or Reduced Bore
    Optional customize NACE MR0175, MR0103, ISO 15156  compliance
    ISO 5211 MOUNTING PAD Bare shaft
    Limit Switch
    Lock device
    ESDV service suitability
    ISO 15848-1 2015 Low fugitive emission test
    Non-destructive test (NDT)  API 6D, ASME B16.34
    Third party inspection test report
    Documents Documents on delivery
    EN 10204 3.1  MTR Material  test report
    Pressure inspection report
    Visual and dimension control report
    Product warranty
    Valve operation manual
    Product of origin
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