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V Port Ball Valve

  • V Port ball valve is also called Segmented ball valve which has the ball V notch type designed, it is usually considered as control valve type.
  • V port ball valve is an excellent control valve with right-angle rotation. Its opening and closing parts are hemispheres with special V-shaped openings and have sharp edges. During the rotation of the ball, the sealing surface has strong cutting force and self-cleaning function.
  • The V-shaped opening of the sphere and the valve seat flow channel form a fan-shaped area, and the cross-sectional area of the flow channel can be changed during the rotation process to form an accurate linear and proportional adjustment to the medium. Therefore, the V-type regulating ball valve has two functions of regulating and medium on/off at the same time. It can be matched with pneumatic or electric actuators and is widely used in control systems in the fields of paper-making, chemical industry, petroleum, chemical fiber, electric power, metallurgy, pharmacy, environmental protection and other fields.
  • ARAN V port segment control ball valve features:
  • The valve ready ISO 5211 mounting pad for actuators like pneumatic, electric,worm gear etc.
  • The body is one piece design less body leaks compared with slip body.
  • The ball is specially V port designed has strong cutting effect and tight sealing performance on the medium, and can adjust the flow characteristics of the medium in equal proportions.
  • The V port ball valve allows precisely control medium.
  • V port ball valve has the Equal Percentage Flow Characteristic



Segment Ball Valve Flange endsProduction range NPS 1”~20” (25mm~500mm) Segment Ball Valve Wafer endsProduction range NPS 1”~10” (25mm~250mm)